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Storage Batteries

Since 1986 Saturn PJSC has been developing and manufacturing storage batteries of Nickel-Hydrogen electrochemical system for spacecraft. The first Nickel-Hydrogen battery was installed on the communication satellite "Ekran-M" in 1988. Since then, the scope of storage batteries application is expanding rapidly. To date (2017), the total flight time is more than 500 million cell-hours.

Nickel-Hydrogen storage batteries by Saturn PJSC are successfully operating not only on Russian spacecraft, but on spacecraft of foreign companies-manufacturers as well (Thales Alenia Space, Shanghai Institute of Space Technology).

In 2005 Saturn PJSC started to develop parametric line of Lithium-Ion prismatic cells 10–120 A·h, and batteries on their base. In 2008–2011 the first Lithium-Ion storage battery (hereinafter LISB), built by Saturn PJSC, passed flight tests (flight qualification) as part of the power supply system of spacecraft "GLONASS-M".

Just now (2017) several types of LISBs for spacecraft in geostationary and low-earth orbits are in operation. Some of those LISBs include the integrated balancing device and bypass elements of in-house design.